The early stages

Growing up in a familiy of artists that never put any limits on her outrageous but very creative outbursts must have been the first formative experience on her path to being a designer.

Painting murals at the age of 1 and teaching prospective art students at the age of 3, there was no doubt that the obsession with art and design and her passion for creating would follow her a lifetime.


Known for Avantgarde Design and an educational system that knows no mercy, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp was her choice for studying the art of Fashion Design. A power house where the traits of a workaholic are mandatory for survival of the fittest, and a great team of teachers brings out your true identity.

Creating a strong line with a very conceptional approach and redefining beauty through every line in a garment gave her the tools to merge the tangible with the intangible; and having a garment evoke emotions that not seldomly bring up tears in the eyes of a touched client and their friends and family.