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curriculum vitae Sita Fischer

Burbank, CA USA

ph. 1 (818) 861-4634

Heidenheim, Germany

0049/7321 46697


1991-00Max-Planck-Gymnasium, Heidenheim, Germany


2000-04 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

2004masterdegree in fashiondesign

2003-04 Shoemaking -PCVO Lokeren, Belgium

2005-7 Leathergoods - handbags & accessories PCVO Lokeren, Belgium

2008-09 FCI Los Angeles, Fashion Merchandising

work experience:


2001/2002internship with a tailor in Heidenheim

2003 internship with Laurel, Germany

04/2004 Florence charity project

07/2004 Delvaux project

09/2004 event Vitrine at the xso

2004 selling collection in Düsseldorf, Köln, München, Antwerpen, Eindhoven

11/2004 Special Olympics - charity project, Hilton, Antwerp

2005 Freelancer for Betula (Birkenstock) - Nature Collection

03-09/2005 Assistant designer for Gruno&Chardin on their ZNJ collection, Brussels

08/2005 working for Polymax United Manufacturers, China

2005-07 Freelancer for Philips Design, Eindhoven wearable technology

02/2006knitwearcollection for Lineapiù with exposition on pitti filati

05/06freelance designer for Escada

04/2006 Presentation at Rendez-vouz, Paris

12/06 Graphic design for high end consumer electronics

05/2005 Freelance design for Nellik, LA

10-12/2006 Costume design and production for 2 films with 7SpiritsEntertainment

2007 Setdesign, costume design and wardrobe for Amadeus Pictures

2007 Philips Design: wearables collection on "Emotional Sensing"

2008 working with different sales reps in the California Mart and New Mart, Los Angeles

since 2008 Graphic designer for JT's Designs

since 2010 Freelance Designer for Fiore USA

2012-15 Instructor for Handbag Design at Fashion Careers International Los Angeles

since 2011 President at Stufftproducts


2003feeling award

2003asap award

language abilities:german (native), english, dutch (fluent), french, italian (basic)

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